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Visascreen: how many weeks did you receive the certificate?

jollygirl jollygirl (New) New

Hello all,

CGFNS received ALL my documents from my Florida university and the FL BON verification. The status is now 'Ready to review' since May 14th.

I called CGFNS and they told me that it's going to take 6-8 weeks before I hear from them. On their website, it states 13 calendar days on "average for file review and processing time, after receipt of all documentation". The customer service people said not to bother with the statistics because it's not applicable.

So, for anyone who recently received their Visascreen, how long did it really take for you to receive the certificate? I just want a timeframe based on reality....

Thanks everyone. Hope you all had a nice long weekend.


PS: sorry if this is in the wrong area. I just didn't want to bury this in the 60 pages of Visascreen that is already out there.


Has 7 years experience.

I got mine in 3 weeks.

From my experience, even if my status stated "ready to review", it still took cgfns at least 2-3 months to issue my visascreen.

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