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VisaScreen Certificate or CES Professional Report?

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Hello everyone!

I am a foreign grad nurse from the Philippines who currently resides in Louisiana. I got my Texas RN license recently. I chose to apply in Texas because LSBN does not allow initial RN licensure by exam for foreign grads (stated in the instructions for application).

I am actively looking for a job in Texas through online applications and contacting people who can help me out. But I know finding a job like that is really difficult.

So, I have decided to transfer my license to Louisiana where I am currently residing in hopes of landing a job sooner. I hope somebody can help me understand the application process better...

CGFNS CES Professional Report or VisaScreen Certificate?

Under the Internationally Educated Nurses Instructions on the LSBN website, a CES PR is needed if you passed the NCLEX already. It also mentioned that either a copy of a green card or the VisaScreen should be sent. I do not have a green card yet but I have an employment authorization. On the CGFNS website, I read that the VisaScreen includes an evaluation of academic credentials, which in my understanding is basically the CES PR. I would like to know if I need one of them or both.

Also, in which way does LSBN respond faster, through phone or email? Any suggestions on how I should go through with my application for endorsement?

Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate it a lot!

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