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Hi, I just want to ask a question: I paid the fees in order to have my IELTS results forwarded to ICHP, however the British Council told me that they need my CGFNS Number so that they could send a hard copy to ICHP. But unfortunately, I dont have a CGFNS Number because i did not apply for any CGFNS Services up until now.They also told me that they could send my results electronically but they could not send a hard copy of it. Do CGFNS Accepts results electronically? or should I wait for my CGFNS Number when CGFNS has received my application form?

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Did you apply for VSC via the website? AS soon as you create the account, you have your number. I would do that before getting anything sent, electronically or hard copy - because if CGFNS can't match the info up with your account, it will get lost. They are not very efficient at the best of times, don't make it harder for yourself!


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No, I did not apply for the VSC via online....i did it by sending the application forms thru the mailing service.

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