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Visa Screen Certificate

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Hello Canadian nurses!

If you are working in the states, any one of you receive your visa screen certificate yet?

I have mine and so does my boyfriend and on it, it has a place where there is room for a photo. only it says photo not available.

Nowhere did it say that we were required to send a photo yet they still sent us our certificates.

My question is are we gonna be given a hard time at the border because it says photo unavailable even though we have photos on our passports?

I can't find the answer at the cgfns web site and it takes forever on the phone.

If anyone knows the answer, please let me know!:wink2:


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I don't actually know the answer, but maybe you could call the border crossing you'd normally use, and they would know?

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I actually called the CGFNS people and asked them. They said it was not a problem. I need my passport when I cross the border anyway and my pic is on it.

Anyway, they better be right or I'll be fuming!:angryfire

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