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Virtual nurse technology on path to commercial use

The software features a computer-animated nurse, "Louise," who talks patients though the hospital discharge process and assesses their understanding of medical instructions.

Using a touch screen, a patient interacts with Louise through an 11-step discharge process that takes an average of 52 minutes, a pace that can be controlled by the patient. Patients in the trial group weren't afraid to repeatedly ask Louise for instructions and didn't feel rushed to move though the discharge process.



gonzo1, ASN, RN

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Is the charge nurse still going to be saying, "why isn't room 10 gone yet, hurry up", get em out of here?


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Is the charge nurse still going to be saying, "why isn't room 10 gone yet, hurry up", get em out of here?

They are working on a computerized "charge nurse" for that to! :lol2:


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As a new grad, I have only done a handful of discharges. But I do remember one pt I had as a student that I discharged from postpartum where this tool would have been so helpful. My pt had one question after another, I literally had to go over every single word of her discharge paperwork :eek: When I finally was able to get her to sign the papers and out the door my nurse was laughing so hard! Although she did thank me for handling that pt b/c she was able to get a bunch of her tasks done.... Anyway, I think this computer nurse thing would be helpful for some pt's/departments such as postpartum where nurses don't always have time to do an hour of discharge teaching. But I don't think it should completely replace the nurse's expertise especially when it comes to the more complicated pt's.

This looks really good!! I like the touch screen aspect much better usability. We're looking at developing a number of simulations to support patient education based on the work we have done with our Virtual Case Creator Online Simulation platform. (http://vccweb.health.bcu.ac.uk/). Does your software assess the patient's understanding of the instructions they are given? Have you had any feedback yet from users. Would love to hear more.


Opps, just read the website, which answers my questions, well done folks really cool!!


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