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Virginia RN needs recommendation on good back surgeon

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by JoAnna McNurse JoAnna McNurse (New Member) New Member

JoAnna McNurse works as a Oncology Nurse.

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Hello everyone. I'm an oncology nurse in the Virginia/DC area.

My husband works in Michigan and I spend lots of time up there also in the Rochester Hills area.

He is having lots of problems with his backand I need to help him find a good physician for a thorough evaluation and possibly surgery.

He has seen his primary care physician and had an initial MRI what shows some degenerative disk changes.

We all know that there are doctors and thre are DOCTORS !!!

I want to find the absolute best and most experienced doctor available since he will eventually have surgery in the Michigan area. We have great PPO insurance and can go most anywhere.

Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks so much for your help.


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dianah has 43 years experience as a ADN and works as a Cath Lab/Stress Lab/Cardiology Case Management.

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Hmmmmmm, it would be best if your husband's MD makes a recommendation.

And, unfortunately per the Terms of Service, members may not endorse or make allegations against any entity.

I hope you are able to locate a skilled surgeon whom your husband trusts.

Good luck to you! :)

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