Virginia nursing near UVA (oncology, infusion)

  1. Hi all, my husband has recently been accepted to UVA's business school, so we will be moving from NC to VA in July of 2018. By the time we move I will have 2 years of hematology oncology inpatient experience, including 1 year of chemo admin and my OCN (oncology certified nurse). I just wanted to get a feel for what hospitals are near UVA's campus so that when I start applying I can cast as wide of a net as I can. I've considered going into infusion vs. getting back onto the floor for a more consistent schedule and a change of pace (right now my floor is 1:5 ratio with nearly 3 chemo patients each shift... getting burnt out pretty quick.) Any advice on where to apply? Any onc nurses happen to see this and have input on inpatient versus infusion?
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    Hospitals close to UVA?

    UVA Health System