1. Hi, I'm thinking of applying to VCU's RN-BS program, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how competitive that program is? If it is very competitive, are there any other RN-BSN programs that are easier to get into in VA? I'm in Charlottesville, so I don't want to drive more than an hour. Any advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   NPkas231
    Hi there,
    I just got in to VCU for RN-BSN. I really don't think it is all that competitive, not nearly as the traditional program. I have a pretty good GPA and got A's in all the prereqs but I do not think it is hard to get in. I too, asked this a lot and most said unless you are a traditional student or trying to get into the accelerated RN program, the RN-BSN is not nearly as competitive. Give it a try and you'll probably be fine. I hear it's totally doable while working full time.

    Good luck to you!