Transfering into a VA school ...Please help!

  1. I am currently enrolled in a nursing program in NJ. My Hubby was just offered a position in DC and looks like we'll be moving to Manassas/Fredricksburg area. Sooooo.....looks as though I'll have to transfer to a CC in the area....please tell me the waits are not that long! After finally doing all my pre reqs, getting accepted and starting the program I would hate to have to start all over or wait a few years!
    Any advice?????
    Don't know anything about the schools/area!
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  3. by   rnin02
    I went to Northern Va community college, and I enjoyed it there. (its also referred to as NOVA and NVCC). They recently moved all of their healthcare programs to a campus in Springfield, so it might not work out for you, depending where you end up moving to. I don't have any idea of the wait list at this time, but when I got accepted (1999) there wasn't one, and I don't think there was one when I graduated (2002).