The Wait Begins... Any Other NVCC 2012 Hopefuls?

  1. So, after a few years of pre-requisites and co-requisites and getting used to school again after a break for a few decades, I finally submitted my application for the Traditional program at NOVA.

    I have a feeling this is going to be a loooong 5 or so months of waiting.

    Anyone else apply/applying?
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  3. by   TrulyBlessed1
    Wow submitted your application really early, you probably feel so relieved! I won't be submitting my application until May. I still have one pre-req I'm doing this semester (Microbiology). I can't wait to finally submit it and see if all this hard work pays off! Are you looking into any other nursing programs or just NOVA's?
  4. by   copacetic
    Hey, TrulyBlessed! I just couldn't wait any longer. Although, now that I've submitted the application packet, I'm really starting to doubt things. I'm with you on hoping that all this hard work will pay off. I'd hate to think I've done all that I have for nothing! I'm only applying at NOVA. If I don't get in for this Fall, I'll try for next year. Best of luck to you - I hope I see you at MEC in the Fall!
  5. by   Marmite75
    I handed in my application end of Feb. I am trying to finish as many co-reqs as possible, but will probably still have to take a couple along with my core nursing classes.
    I am finding that I am doubting my submission as well, it's so silly as I worked so hard to do well GPA-wise and on the TEAS.
    It is so hard to wait for the acceptance letter!
    Copacetic: Did you get any notification that the nursing dep. received your application? And if so, how long did it take for them to receive your paperwork?

    Good Luck!
  6. by   copacetic
    Marmite - Good luck to you as well!

    I never received anything letting me know that they got the paperwork. I did, however, get a return-receipt card back from the post office, so I know that my packet made it to the MEC. Ugh.

    After a few weeks of not hearing anything, I called the campus and they said they do not send anything to let an applicant know they received the package. *I didn't like the thought of that... Now I have something else to worry about, like what if my packet fell behind a desk? Or got lost in a drawer somewhere?!? I'm going nuts waiting!

    The girl I spoke with did say that once they start reviewing the applications, if something is missing or if they have any questions, they will send an email to our NVCC account.

    Well, it's March 15th already! Almost two months since I sent it in! I can't wait!!!

    Again - best of luck to you! I hope to see you in classes in the fall!!!
  7. by   Marmite75
    Thanks, copacetic.
    I had delivery confirmation for my paperwork, but I agree, it would be great if you got something from them to say the packet was received, and being processed etc. I guess we'll just have to go crazy with anticipation!
  8. by   copacetic
    Still nervous. I wish I could just put it out of my head for a while.

    I wonder if there's any way to find out if there's an average GPA or test score for applicants? Not what is required by the program, but the average of these numbers for the folks who have applied. Knowing that may help a little, perhaps.
  9. by   Marmite75
    I think its the 'not knowing' that is nerve wracking! I did some perusing and came across some posts by other nursing students who responded to a question about the GPA level required for nursing school. Many responded that their schools stated that you must have a minimum of 2.5, as does NVCC, but that some students barely squeaked in to their programs with a 3.5. I am guessing that this is what NVCC will do: Take a look at your TEAS percentile, rank you with that, then take your GPA in to consideration. At least you handed in your papers early, so you'll be on top of the pileAt this point, I am crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that my scores were good enough!
    Please, please, please, let me be accepted!

    I am going to try hard to occupy my mind with something else for a while - I don't want to be too obsessive! But it is nice chatting with someone else going through the same thing :spin:
  10. by   Marmite75
    An update for those entering the program: If you didn't already know this: Your letter that states an 'acknowledgement of receipt' will come in the form of an email. I have not received mine yet, but will hopefully get it within the next few weeks. This is the email the Nursing Division will send out once they've received your application from Student Services.
    Good Luck!
  11. by   Ab-Hopeful
    Hi Everyone...I applied to NVCC nursing program in February of this year. I sent my application but I have not recieved any confirmation letter via e-mail or mail as of today. I am a licensed practical nurse/LPN and plan to enroll in the LPN to RN program offered at NVCC. I hope I get in. I hope that everyone on this thread gets into the nursing program as well. Question: Is anyone doing the LPN to RN track?
    I am glad to have company in hear what the news would be.
    Good Luck everyone!
  12. by   ncy28
    Like everyone here, I am super nervous. I have a 3.2 cum and a 3.0 in my pre-reqs. I know I have a low GPA but I did very well on my teas!! in the high 90s! do you think I have a chance to get in?
  13. by   copacetic
    I think that's what makes the wait so difficult. There's no way of knowing what your GPA/TEAS scores mean unless we have everyone else's to compare them to. No way at all of knowing if they're tops, mediocre, or bottom-of-the-barrel. I'm thinking we should hear in about 6 weeks or so, yes? It seems the closer we get, the hearder it is to keep it off my mind!
  14. by   ncy28
    @copacetic...Thanks for replying. I'm so nervous, this is going to be the longest month ever. I was looking at the threads from last year and it seems like there are a lot of applicants that were communicating. I was completely shocked to find only a few for FALL 2012. I wonder what nvcc looks at first. GPA? AHH I am just so paranoid.