survey:how many foreign nationals work as RN in VA

  1. hi everyone! I'm a Filipino and I plan to work in VA as a RN as soon as I get my license and hopefully be found eligible to work there. I just want to take a poll and find out how many RN's are foreign nationals in virginia and how is it like to work there.
    I'm really excited to go there and meet new people and live in a new place. I want to know what things I can look forward to.:hatparty:
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  3. by   applesRN
    HI and welcome!
    I have worked in two areas of Virginia- first in the Norfolk/ Chesapeake/ Virginia Beach area, and second in Lynchburg/ Roanoke area.

    There are many Philipinos working in southeastern Virginia. When I worked in Norfolk, about 50% of the nurses on my unit were Philipino, and about 30% were when I worked in Chesapeake.

    In Central Virginia, though, there are much fewer. I think there might be 3 or 4 Philipinos in the whole hospital. We do have 3 Russian nurses working on one floor here, and the diabetic educator is Jamaican.
  4. by   anjali
    I'm International nurse.I've active VA RN license.I'm looking for the hospital which 'll sponsor for me.Could anybody tell me the which hospital sponsor for international nurses in richmond & va beach area??