Sentara School of Health - RN?

  1. Hi! I am applying to the Sentara School of Health Professions - for an RN degree in Chesapeake, VA next year, but I already have a Bachelor's degree and I was wondering if anyone has applied that already has one also? Is it very competitive to get into? Also, does anyone know if they pay for your tuition or offer you a job after you graduate? Thanks!!
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  3. by   going2BaNurse2014
    I had a few friends that were trying to get in there, I believe they have a nurse residency program after you graduate. My advice is go through the ODU ABSN, its about 1/4 the cost of sentara, and in a shorter time frame. I think ODU may also have a direct entry MSN program for people with previous BAs in areas other than nursing, but I'm not completely sure on that. I have a friend who works for Sentara but she went to MCI and now she is trying to get her BSN through sentara as well.
  4. by   abr1121
    Thank you for the info! I am also looking into ODU and I was actually considering TCC, but not now. I was wondering about the direct entry or accelerated program through ODU. I will have to research further. Thank you!