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  1. Did anyoen go to marymount??? if so how did you like it
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  3. by   Alert&Orientedx0
    Hi there I havent exactly gone there but I applied for this fall. I have so far heard mixed feelings about the program from some former students on allnurses. Are you going there or applying anytime soon?
  4. by   Samma
    I'll be applying in the up coming fall/winter..I'll be a freshmen in 08/09
  5. by   givmeabr8k
    I'm pursuing my master's at Marymount. I got my ADN back in 1991. It wasn't as intense as it is nowadays. My daughter is in the accelerated BSN program and graduates in May. It is a very rigorous program. She didn't tell me the exact numbers but a disproportionate amount of students did not pass Med/Surg the first semester. She squeaked by. I love Marymount because it's small and personal. Some of my professors are still there! If you have any more questions I'd be glad to answer them.