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    I'm new to this forum and the Richmond areas. I've just been offered 2 jobs. One at Chippenham and one at VCU. Anyone out there familiar with these 2 hospitals? I'm not sure which one to take. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  3. by   armyvet
    If I am not mistaken MCV is the level I trauma center in the area, it is also a teaching hospital so it is very busy. Parking and commute can be tedious at times.
    Chippenham is on the southside, so the commute and parking situation may be a little less confusing, but I am not sure since I have not been in the area in a while.
  4. by   ninipanini621
    mcv is a teaching hospital and level 1 trauma. chippingham has a very good heart hospital.
  5. by   exitthedragon
    MCV will offer you more in the way of expanding your options.
  6. by   nursprl
    chippenham is an HCA hospital