On Site Child Care?

  1. Do any of you work in a DC area hospital that has an onsite child care center? If so...is it open 24 hours? Where do you work?

    My husband is in the military and we will be moving to DC in a few months. I currently work day shift (7a-7p, 3x/week) in a NICU. We've been blessed to have my husband working 7-4 with minimal traveling, a great mom-in-law, and no daycare needed for that last 3 years. I would love to work in a NICU when we move, but my husband will be traveling about 80% of the time and we have a 3 year old son. I am worried that I would not be able to find child care til 8pm for day shift or all night for night shift. I may have to try to find a job in a clinic.

    If you don't know of on-site daycare, but are handling a similar situation...please advise!

    Thanks for reading! :heartbeat

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