1. I am considering applying to ODU's nursing program and I was looking at the pre-req's. I wanted to know if you had to have all pre-req's completed before you could apply to the nursing program?
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  3. by   NewmanFamily6
    I'm doing the RN to BSN but I believe that the pre requisites have to be done to begin the nursing program.
  4. by   BOOKWORM09
    Thankyou, I am trying to figure out which way to go I am a pre-nursing student at TCC and I am considering going to a BSN program. Thank for the feedback
  5. by   tessa45
    Get your RN from TCC first then apply for their RN to BSN program. It is very hard to get into ODU's program. My daughter is in your situation now and the head of the nursing program at ODU told me that she gets a good 200 applicants that are fully qualified for the nursing program but can only take 80. She then recommends them to other RN programs and to come back as an RN and get your BSN. Much easier route to go. Also, if you are a working RN the BSN can all be done online and all hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs. That would be my advice. Good luck in your pursuits!