Nursing school advice.

  1. Hi guys, i am a Medical Assistant i want to become a Registered Nurse. I am enrolled in TCC and i am taking my prereqs and i wont be done for at least a yearand half. Then after that i am looking at at least 12 months of nursing school. I am wondering if i should go to an accrelated program or take my time and spend less $$ at TCC.
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  3. by   TransplantRN3
    What types of programs are you considering, 4 year bachelor vs accelerated bachelor (length?) ? Do you have another degree already? I can give you my experience from an accelerated program.. but I was curious what exactly you were deciding between first
  4. by   Livvia82
    i am trying to get a A.A.S Associates in Applied Science and from there i going to work on Bachelors.