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  1. Did Anyone Graduate The Rn Program At Lc? If So Was It Hard I Am At A Community College And Looking At Transfering....maybe...
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  3. by   fgoff
    Hello! I graduated LC in 1988, In 1987 NLN came to do the accrediting survey...I don't think it could be any harder than that year. ( My class left the ashes of our student uniforms & Commumity Nursing workbooks in a urn as the class gift...LOL)
    My two sister -in-laws and a few of my friends have been though since, they did not have any really hard times. All made honor roll...

    I hear that most of the instructors that I had are gone, dead/retired. So the program is much differnt now.

    I attended CVCC and transfered in. I think that is the only way thst I made it.

    Best of luck.