1. Hi has anyone had experience or knows anyone who works at;

    Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center or

    Riverside Regional Medical Center?

    Both in the labor and delivery room

    Thanks, any ideas what kind of salary, working conditions etc??

    Have also posted this in VA thread, thanks
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  3. by   cariad
    ok, give us a clue, are these hospitals in the uk as this is the uk thread?
    [color=#a0522d]or are they in the us and if so which of the 50 states or territories?
    [color=#a0522d]and why have you posted as well in the va thread? because we dont have va hospitals in the uk so i presume that the question is about us hospitals so why are you asking the brits?
    [color=#a0522d]just curious !!!!!!
  4. by   nichola36
    In VA USA
  5. by   cariad
    i was thinking that va stood for something to do with the veterans. i presume now that by va you mean virginia? not many brits know much about virginia, its not one of the states that take uk nurses the same as other states.