INOVA Fairfax - Oncology Unit

  1. Anyone have any experience working in the INOVA Fairfax oncology department that they could share? Patient load, work environment, etc I am considering a position there and at Georgetown and could use some guidance.
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  3. by   gabby61614
    yes I just finished my clinicals there n 7am-7pm.. you will have 4-5 pts at a time.. most are critical and rewuire blod and chemo..meds..famiies that are having a hard time dealing with dx..a lot of very very hard work..i know that it is not the place for me when I is around 25 for new grads and 30 for seasoned workers...
  4. by   rmc2
    Would you happen to know the new graduate rate for RNs at INOVA?
    Thanks so much.
  5. by   StudyingNursing
    Inova pays $24/hr for new grads; $4-$8/hr differential pay ($8/hr for weekend nights).