How long til BON posts license?

  1. Hey everyone, does anyone know how long it takes the VBON to post license numbers? like how often the webpage is updated? I took my test and am dying to know if i passed or failed but cannot bear to wait 4 weeks for a letter in the mail!
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  3. by   AgentR
    Between 1 and 3 days. I took mine on a Saturday and found out Tuesday. During the weekday it should be up the next morning.
  4. by   dara757
    so probably not over the weekend huh? i tested friday (didnt finish til late afternoon) so I dont know if anything would be updated over this weekend...guess all i can do it wait.
  5. by   tatgirl
    I took my PN NCLEX on a Monday,and called the automated number for the BON on Tuesday and learned that I had passed....... Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

  6. by   Anjann
    I took the NCLEX on a Thursday and the license was on the VBON telephone verification system by Friday and you can push option 2 to have the computer send you a copy of your certification, but the website was not updated until the next Tuesday. (They had govt holidays that friday and monday though.)