Any VATNP students from VHCC, MECC or SwVCC??

  1. Figured I would try!

    Let's get a thread started!
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  3. by   12hrshifts
    Hey! I am retaking Hum Ana/Phy this fall at MECC along with Math 126 in order to get ready to apply in the spring for FAll '10. I'm coming back to school to get a second degree after being a teacher for 8 years. I've only been to MECC's campus twice, but everyone seemed very pleasant.

    Which of the three colleges are you attending? How far along in the program are you?
  4. by   2boysforme
    Hi! I go to VHCC and I am starting NUR 111 next week!!!! Good Luck this semster! A&P was one of my favorite classes!
  5. by   12hrshifts
    I took A/P before, but it was over 10 years ago and they wouldn't accept it, so I have to retake it. I enjoyed it, too. Especially the lab.

    Best of luck to you and I'm so jealous you are getting to start next week. Let me know how you do.
  6. by   cpr7
    Hello... Graduated SVCC in 2008.... :-)
  7. by   clumsy penguin
    I begin at the Booth Center (SVCC) branch in 14 days... I did all the pre-reqs first so now its strictly nursing classes! I am so excited