Any experience with the following SW VA programs?

  1. I'll be applying in January to the following programs:
    Dabney Lancaster CC
    New River Valley CC
    Wytheville CC
    Lynchburg General Hospital

    Virginia Western in Roanoke is closest but it's out as they're not accredited and I'd like to continue on after to a BSN at ODU.

    The others are all between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours from me. Dabney's schedule looks a little disorganized but the people I've spoken to so far have been great. Wytheville looks like they've scheduled their program carefully and working during it will be a little easier, but they're 1.5 hours away. Lynchburg General's about an hour away and supposed to be good but they're revamping the curriculum and won't have info about it till January.

    A straight BSN would be nice, but financially my best bet right now is a community college program. If anyone knows anything about the schools I'm interested in, please spill!
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  3. by   nurse2be14
    Have you gotten in yet? I am hopefully getting in if I pass the TEAS test.. You prob have since this post was 2 years ago Lol
  4. by   nurse2be14
    Oh and Im attending WCC. They are doing another admission process because not enough people applied for the program.