A desperate mom needs your help!!!

  1. I have been staying at home to take care of my son after graduation in 2008. I have an active MD RN license and now want to go back to work. I have no RN working experience and could not even get an interview in the DC area. What should I do? Please help me, a desperate wife and mom...

    I even can work free for the first month of employment or I can give my first month income to anyone who helped me find a job. Any help and advice will be appreciated!
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  3. by   MsbossyRN
    Wow the job market is really bad when people are willing to work for free or give you their paycheck. I am also struggling to find work. As a matter of fact their are lots of 2010 grads, 09, grads and some 08 new nurses that still can't get their foot in the door. I wish you the best and I hope you find something soon. Keep applying stay positive, and try things other than hopsitals. Flu clinics hire new nurse with no experience. Also try private doc offices or nursing homes. Good LUCK!