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Villanova Alternate Sequence Prerequisite Help


I am interested in the alternate sequence accelerated nursing program at Villanova. The prerequisites list 3-4 credits of chemistry with an organic component. What does this mean? I just completed general chem I (with no organic component) and have just started general chem II (which, apparently also does not have an organic component). Do you need to take organic chemistry or a specific "organic component" class? Is it worth it for me to still take gen chem II or should I pull out to save my money and start an organic chem if I can? I called the school but I am waiting to hear back. I would love to hear from other people who applied/are applying/got accepted.


VivaLaVespaGirl, BSN, MSN

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I would look at the prerequisite courses for Organic Chemistry. Most require you to have completed a full sequence of general chemistry before you can enroll.