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    RaDonda Vaught - Nursing Board Reverses Decision!?!


    Tennessee State Health officials have reversed their prior ruling that RaDonda Vaught's fatal medical error did not warrant professional discipline. Charges that will affect her license have now been filed by the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

    Read more from other nurses👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ https://allnurses.com/radonda-vaught-update-state-t708695/

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    Wow!  We've talked about this case at length on this site, and it's terribly sad but IMO, definitely one of those cases where disciplinary action truly does need to be taken against the nurse.

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    So...I agree that she should have had disciplinary action taken against her by the TBON.

    The thing that is just missing in this whole conversation---where parsing about pyxis or omnicell or distraction or whatever---is that RaDonda Vought left Vanderbilt University Medical Center after this event occurred and she was terminated from her employment at Vandy---

    and she promptly applied to Centennial for a position---

    AND DID NOT DISCLOSE THAT SHE WAS INVOLVED IN THE DEATH OF A PATIENT or that she was involved (or may become involved) in a suit regarding her actions while at Vandy.

    This is what rises to the level of "criminality" in my mind. If she had been honest and forthright with Centennial--would they have hired her? Probably not.

    And she, being an educated and somewhat experienced nurse--at least, she is a human being and a business owner--she knew that if she disclosed her actions that there would be repercussions.

    It's like when you know you're going to get grounded by your parents for sneaking out with your boyfriend---so you just sit tight and hope that Mom and Dad never find out.

    You don't get to act like this in the nursing world. You don't get to act like this in any world, and expect that no one is going to eventually notice or have a problem with it.

    I shake my head when I read about nurses or other professional who wail and rail against the system for having a problem with what you as a professional do on your "off time".  Well---what you do in your off time is a pretty good indicator of your behavior in your "on time". If you are an irresponsible, self absorbed, malcontent in your off time---racking up DUIs or prison sentences or drug charges or larceny charges---why would I think that you're all of a sudden some "trustworthy, moral, ethical" being once you put scrubs on?

    RaDonda's behavior after this incident was sleazy. Period. I know she wanted to pay her bills and all that----but if she had a shred of conscience or remorse about what she did at Vandy, she should have disclosed this to Centennial and let the chips fall where they may.

    But she was a selfish, self centered person and it was all about making sure that RaDonda was a-okay. Didn't matter if she killed someone. She wanted to move on and have everyone else "move on" as well. Vandy was okay with it because of the legal liability to themselves and the black eye in the public's mind as to their trustworthiness as a caregiving facility.

    It was an accident, wails RaDonda---then why not disclose it to her new employer?  Why wait until someone reported her?

    THAT spoke volumes in my  mind. THAT is what reminds me of the criminal who slinks off and hopes that everybody just forgets about that crime that they committed---so that they can be left in peace to do whatever they like without consequences.


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