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    Alarm Management in the Nursing Workplace


    Alarms are everywhere in nursing workplaces and there are plenty of them. With those alarms seemingly going off all of the time, it's easy to experience alarm fatigue. But what can be done about it? Mary Watts from allnurses.com sat down with Halley Ruppel and Stacy Jepsen to discuss what nurses and management can do to lessen alarm fatigue.

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    In the ICU, I watched a nurse alter the parameters slightly on a patient that was continually going Brady. They were set for 50 or less but he was staying 48-52. Since she was near his monitor and watching every time it alarmed. We began to notice we started tuning it out. We weren't going to intervene unless it stayed below 45 so we brought the parameters down so that we would notice the alarm again. I think altering parameters within reason and with good nursing judgement, can help reduce alarm fatigue. Be self aware and know when you are ignoring that beeping. 

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