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Pre-Nursing   (546 Views 2 Comments)
by medhead medhead (Member)

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hey... i know you're expecting a letter any day now and just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking of you and hoping the best for you! it's been a long stinkin' wait and your time has finally come! woo hoo and ****fingers crossed****

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Awww, thank you so much Medhead!!! That is so kind of you to remember me!!!

I am going out of my mind waiting! I know it will be any day now, but I can't take much more of this!!! The stress is definitely taking its toll! Waiting this long is cruel punishment and should be illegal!!! :lol2:

I'll let you know as soon as I get my letter! Thanks again so much for the well wishes! I need all the thoughts and prayers I can get!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Your Pal,


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