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Very Frustrated

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Long story short. I took the LPN entrance exam back in Dec 2011. I went in with a positive attitude and passed everrything except for the math. I missed the passing mark by 5 points. So, I then decided to pick up a basic math course at the local college. I had the best teacher, she loved her job, and wanted everyone to pass. I did pass the course and my final exam. Fast forward to May 19th. I took the math portion over and I felt I did a lot better than the first time. Apparently not! I failed again by 5 points. When I compared my results to the last exam, I improved in every area. I just feel that everything I have ever wanted I have had to fight for. The fight is tiring and it doesn't feel good, to know u worked hard for something and it is so close to your grasp. I know I can handle the load of work. I have gone through the course before, but had to drop due to health issues. I feel so discouraged and upset at myself. I don't know anymore. Any advice?:confused:

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