Very fed up don't know what to do

by alyygirl122 alyygirl122 (New) New

Hey everyone,

My major is Dental Hygiene but I still have to take the Teas V exam to get into my program. I took it and I almost passed but missed by only 6%!!!! I was so upset and I have been depressed and crying for days now!!!! The ATI study book is crap when it comes to preparing in my opinion especially the science because on the actual

Teas exam the science section is random, and it was mostly chemistry on the version I took. I know there is only two versions of actual Teas exam hopefully mine was the hard one. It was the version that had the stupid snowflake question for the science part.

Please let me know what else to do I have a really good GPA my school only wants a 2.5 and I have a 3.4. I fell so stupid when it comes to this exam.