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Very Concerned about applying at El Centro

by Bailey2002 Bailey2002 (New) New

I am very concerned!! I was hopefully applying to El Centro, for Spring 2018. Then the school stopped using all of their adjuncts, and appear to be ready to shut the doors to new students. El Centro is on Full Warning from the Texas Board of Nursing, and if they do not bring their pass rates up, they will not be able to admit new cohorts. A friend of mind said December pass rates were terrible. Another student that goes to El Centro told me there are tons of lawsuits against the school because they are changing their way of treating students when they fail a class, they have to actually take 2 classes instead of just the one they failed pushing off their graduation date by 1 year!! I know Collin is hard to get into, and I see why now!! They always are always way above the state and national transferred averages..

Tons of lawsuits against the school? Terrible pass rates? shutting down?!?! Yea, don't apply to that school, Imo. Apply at other nearby schools.