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Vermont Passes Plan for Universal Healthcare


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May 5, 2011-In a 94 to 49 vote today, the state House in Vermont sealed the deal on a bill to eventually create a publicly financed universal healthcare system that some supporters dub "single payer."

With the state Senate already having given its approval last week, the bill will now go to Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, who is eager to sign it into law.


it will be interesting to see how this plays out. if this occurred in my state i would rather keep my own health insurance, i have been pleased with it for the past 10 years. i will not begrudge others of having this kind of access.

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I live in Vermont. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It would be nice to drop my company's expensive insurance.

I lived in Massachusetts when RomneyCare passed there. It hasn't worked too well. Among other things, it had huge loopholes for businesses, and cemented the Partners monopoly in Eastern MA. I hope Vermont learns from RomneyCare's mistakes.


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Wish I could access the link...