1. Hi all,
    This thread isn't very active but wondering if anyone could offer some first hand insight.
    Wondering what would be reasonable pay for a experienced level 1 ED nurse coming to VT? Is hospital union or not, is pay negotiable, differentials for shift or specialty certs, vacation benes, tuition, etc?
    Also, how is the workplace? Thanks for any insight!
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  3. by   jeff8444
    Hello. I'm not from the area but I too have been looking into UVM ED.

    I can't answer how the work environment is or anything like that obviously but you can find their union contract online
    Vermont Federation of Nurses and Allied Professionals...
    There you'll be able to find payscales and shift differentials and everything.
    I believe RNs start at about 26 per hour and it goes up from there
    2.50 for 3-11 shift
    4.75 for overnights
    2.95 weekends, etc...

    Good luck with your possible move to the area, I'll most likely be attempting it in a year or so