Help with Continuing Education

  1. Are there any hospitals or facilities that help thier nurses with continuing education in Vermont i.e. RN to BSN or Masters?
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  3. by   dlehoe
    I am not positive, but what about Darmouth Hitchcock Medical Center? I know that they are a teaching hospital. Also, it is most likely best just to ask if there is any tuition assitance in the place where you would like to work at. I work at a rehab facility in northeast vermont right now and even they are willing to give tuition assistance, as long as you sign a contract stating that you will stay at their facility for a certain amount of years.

    You might be suprised how many hospitals or even nursing facilities are willing to help with education. Don't forget that there are other options though such as scholarships and VSAC grants and loans.

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  4. by   sadie_van
    In regards to DHMC
    Yes they do and they have a wonderful internship program, Before moving to vermont I worked with DHMC
    the number is 603-650-5000
    as for the nursing education department and Carmellitta is the person you want to speak with.