HELP!!! hospitals in Vermont that can sponsor Foreign Nurses

  1. Hello Guys..Im a new bie in this site and im greatful enough that my questions were answered right away..
    Im a freshgrad and i passed the local board exam here in the Phils.I was wondering about the information i got from a friend that some of the hospitals in your chosen state can be your sponsor (im not even sure what is about the "sponsor").
    Can anyone clear those things to me because im confused?and if it is true, can anyone give me some of the hospitals in Vermont (email or contact numbers if possible) that can help me to be able to work in their hospital if ever i pass the NCLEX? I was hoping i could go for direct hiring instead of having an agency.
    Thanks and more Power!!!
    God Bless...
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  3. by   cereza_18
    that's also my problem, but you can go to this syt:
    it contains list of hospitals in vermont.