HELP..Application in the state of VERMONT

  1. to anyone of you who already took the nclex for the state of vermont or who knows what to do in the following, pls help me in some of my concerns:

    concern 1:

    important note: if your nursing education language of instruction, and textbooks for the nurse's program you attended were not in english you must apply first to cgfns. you may contact them at: 215-349-8767.

    1. do i still need to apply for cgfns? i mean i am from the philippines but my nursing education language of instruction and textbooks were in english? am i suppose to apply or not?

    concern 2:

    i have practiced nursing as defined in 26 v.s.a. 1576, for at least (check the appropriate statement):

    ____120 days (960 hours) in the last 5 years
    ____50 days (400 hours) in the last 2 years

    place of employment:
    dates of employment: from: to:

    2. am i suppose to be the one who should answer this? what am i suppose to check? i studied nursing for 4 years but i do not practice it yet as a professional. what am i suppose to check and to put in the employment?

    concern 3:

    additional question, do i need to work for the state of vermont before they could endorse me to other state?

    pls help me..thanks in advance
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