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verification request form from HAAD

by cyrille cyrille (New) New

Hi there. Im new in this forum and I need help if anyone of you has having problems regarding the verification request form that will be given to Health Authority Abu Dhabi to the NMC UK.

I have given them (HAAD) my verification form last October 27 and until now I'm not getting any feedback whether my request has been processed or not.

This is the only thing that NMC UK is waiting since all of the other requirements are already with them.

Anybody who knows how long this would take or what to do to expedite this process?

Need help please..

Hi maam, How's your registration goin on? Are you part of the old or new scheme? I am also a registered nurse here in Abu Dhabi UAE, I would just like to ask if HAAD issues a certificate of registration? if not what did you upload in the system for assessment. Thank You and More Power

Cyrille how long did you wait for the Verification from HAAD?