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ve butOrientation was today!!! (m)

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Well as I am reading the board, seems like there were alot of orientations today or this week.

I started my LVN program June 13th, but it started with A&P. Now that we have had orientation for the rest of the program it feels like it's so much more for REAL!!! I am so excited! I can't believe how excited I feel. I have butterflies in my stomach, I can't wait to get my books, I can't wait till the first day of class. By the way the first 2 days are spent going over the"White bible" the handbook of the program. 2 8 hour days on this?!~ :eek:

Anyways I am so excited!!!



Nursing school was a life-altering experience for me and it will be for you too! To be successful in nursing school you must have the support of your family and must be able to manage your time wisely. There will be ups and downs thoughout your experience and the road will be long, but remember, that road has to eventually come to an end and you will finally achieve your life dream of becoming a nurse! Best of luck to you. DKM RN

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