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Vandy Nurse Residency, Adult Medicine

Specializes in Nutrition and Eating Disorders.

Hi everyone! I was just offered a Vanderbilt Nurse Residency position in Adult Medicine, and I am looking for some advice. I'm quite disappointed, as Peds and Women's Health were my top two choices, and I specifically said on my application that I have no interest in Adult Health. My heart and soul is in the NICU, and I was hoping to work either in NICU or Well Baby/L&D, etc.

Does anyone have insight into the Adult Medicine nurse residency track at Vanderbilt, and if so, what has been your experience? Just trying to decide whether or not it is worth it to relocate to Nashville and work at Vanderbilt, even if it's for a job that is outside my area of interest.

Thanks so much!



Specializes in SICU, Telemetry.

hey yaya congrats! I got into the adult surgical track but my first choice was for the critical care track. I'm just looking at it as if it will all be a learning experience for me! Who knows, we could end up loving it!


Specializes in Nutrition and Eating Disorders.

Thanks so much, and congrats to you! That's true, it could be a great experience! I'm still debating, but thanks for the encouragement!!! I'll keep you posted!

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