Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

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The application for the Vanderbilt nurse residency for February 2015 will open in August. Who all is applying? Does anyone have advice for those of us who will be applying?

Hi! I am applying for the Critical Care Nurse Residency that begins in February. I am ready to complete the application when it opens in August and am excited at the prospect of working and studying at VUMC. What track will you be applying for? Where are you from?


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I am applying for the Emergency Nursing residency. I am from TN. Have you heard any words of advice for the application/interview process? What experience do you bring?

I am an LPN (5 yrs experience) and am hoping this helps me!

I am from Maryland and will graduate from a second degree BSN program this December. The Emergency Nurse Residency sounds really interesting and exciting as well!

I have read a good deal about the residency applications on other threads on this website. Time spent browsing allnurses and emailing the recruiter from Vanderbilt has enabled me to have most of my questions answered. I would suggest taking a look at some of the older threads on here and getting into contact with Ms. Fargo, the residency recruiter.

Are you a BSN? I know that they are only accepting Bachelors educated students into their residencies at this time. The requirements are posted under the FAQ section of the residency website.


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I graduate in December as well from a BSN program. I have read every thread I could find dealing with the residency. Looking forward to getting this process started next month!


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I am going to be applying if I don't receive any hospital job offers before the application opens up. I will be going for women's health specialty track of the program. I graduated in May and have been working in home health for three years.

Could you all post your stats? GPA, healthcare experience, volunteer positions, and leadership roles are what I'm asking of you. I need to know what they are looking for in a potential hire. I have but 2 years to strengthen my profile.

Thanks in advance.

Nando, my GPA isn't the greatest, but i am still proud to be rocking a 3.4 after receiving only As and Bs in my nursing program. I still have one semester to go and I expect it to be my best. I will graduate from my second degree nursing program in December and earn my BSN. My GPA from my prior degree was also a 3.4 if I remember correctly.

I am currently working on an ICU step down unit as a tech and will continue to work for the duration of my final semester. Come January I will either move to Nashville (fingers crossed as this is far and away my first choice and dream) or transition into the nursing role at a local hospital here in MD.

As far as volunteerism is concerned, I have helped in the same hospital that I currently work, and I have given music lessons to 'at risk' youth via AmeriCorp. Additionally, I have been involved with organizations on my campus, mostly assisting with gardening, groundskeeping, and the general "go green" push to increase environmental friendliness and sustainability. Currently I am assisting one of my professors with a research study on the use of advanced directive education programs in the community, but my part is relatively minimal.

Leadership roles that I have assumed include positions on both the Graduate Program Committee and the Curriculum Committee for the Nursing Dep. at my university, as well as "student ambassador" for my local AACN chapter.

I am am hopeful that I will be offered at least an interview with Vanderbilt concerning the Adult Critical Care residency track, but whatever is meant to be will be. Let me know if you have any more questions. You seem like you already know you want to pursue a residency of some sort and therefore you are already ahead in the game!

hi everyone! i'll be applying in a few days for the burn track. i just graduated from NYU with a 3.76 GPA and I'm taking my licensure exam in a few weeks. i was a nurse extern at the hospital for special surgery and still work there as a PCA. i've volunteered at memorial sloan kettering cancer center, am a member of NSNA and was on the board of American Cancer Society UPitt, and got my Girl Scout Gold and Silver Award. what do you think?

I think you absolutely have a great chance! Congrats on your graduation!!

KMDillon, have you written your letter of intent and cover letter yet?

what makes you think that!? hah i'm so nervous about it-- i'm planning my whole life as if i'm going so i really want this to work out!