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Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2016

by asmack18 asmack18 (New) New

Hello! I was wondering if anyone was thinking about applying for Vanderbilt's nurse residency program for summer 2016. For those who have applied to other terms or gone through the residency: any advice?!

I plan to apply, too. I can't be of much help other than to go through the process with you! There is a lot of good information in past year's threads on here though, just do a search. :)

I am looking at applying as well! I want to do their Women's Health program and from what I have looked up so far, it seems like an awesome program. I am just worried because I graduate in December and I feel like waiting till August may not be the smartest choice. I just found the residency programs and love the idea because I feel like it would make me not only more comfortable transitioning into nursing, but also helping me become that amazing nurse that I want to be. What program do you guys want to go into?

Also, if you apply to one program and don't accepted, will they offer another program option for you? I saw some threds saying how someone applied for the pediatrics program and didnt get accepted, but was offered the adult health one.

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I am planning on applying, I graduate June 2016. I do not know much about the process except for what I've read on previous threads.

I plan to apply for Summer 2016 as well; I'm thinking Trauma ICU. I don't have any advice per say but I did email Tracey Fargo this summer and this is what she said about applying (you may know this already).

"All requested components within the application packet will be reviewed to create the pre-interview score, tallied from the dean's office cumulative and nursing GPA's; 2 clinical faculty references; work, volunteer, leadership experience; and if you have participated in an extern/internship program-program supervisor reference. The e-mailed packet/2nd component also requests your resume, letter of intent and selection of your track choice.

That was actually really helpful, thank you!

Today is the day! Application is up! :)

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I am working on my packet now. Everything is done except transcripts and my letter of intent.

I still have to wait for my fall grades to post before I can upload my transcripts. :( I still need to write my letter of intent. My finals just ended, didn't have time last week. Only one of my recommenders has sent theirs in. Praying I don't have to hound them!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm applying to the Summer 2016 cohort, as well. Nice to meet ya! :)

Hello everyone! I'll be applying for the residency as well.

Since our clinical experience is somewhat limited (less that 6 months experience), who are some examples of people you are getting reference letters from? :specs:

I got mine from my two most recent clinical instructors.

Ok, that was my plan too!

I graduate in May and I'm applying for Summer 2016! So you do the standard online resume/cover letter/application and then they will email you back a packet if they're interested or regardless you get the packet? Good luck to all! This would be a dream!

I believe everyone who submits the first application gets a packet.

Hey all! I am also in the midst of completing the packet :) where is everyone from and what are you planning on applying for?

I'm applying to the Adult Emergency track :up: What about you?