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Valencia Nursing Program-No Math? No Chemistry? No Labs?



Does anyone have any information on the Nursing program with Valencia Community College in Central FL? I checked out the pre-req's and they don't require you to take any math classes, chemistry or labs?! I find that kind of odd. Is there anyone that got their AS degree w/o having to take those classes? Can anyone give me feedback on the nursing program with valencia?!

i attend valencia community college and the only required science courses are bio, ap 1/2, micro.

Thanks for your response! Did you go through with the Nursing program? If so, how was it?

What the above poster stated about the sciences is correct. RIGHT NOW you only have to take Mat0024 I believe that is beginning Algebra (alot of people CPT test out of this though).... they are thinking about changing it to where you have to take intermediate Algebra though. I start the program in about 4 days... Good luck to you =)