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VA in southern CA hire a grad whose a veteran....



I'll be moving to ca from ny once I obtain the licensure by endorsement. The ny school I'll be grad from is regionally accredited. I spoke to cal state Fullerton and I'd be able to transfer adn credits to their rn to bsn program because the ny school has regional accreditation. Does anyone know if the VA in long beach or any VA in the vicinity will hire an rn whose adn is not nln accredited but regionally accredited and has opportunity for rn to bsn from ccne accredited school and whose a veteran!! Thanks

I'm a veteran & new grad RN living in the SF Bay Area. I have not been selected for any of the VA positions I have applied to in the last 6 mos. They don't site the reason, so I am left to assume itis due to lack of experience. I have heard southern CA is a little better, but I don't know that for sure. If the VA rep accepting applications has contact information listed, you may want to field your accreditation question to them directly. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!

Thank you !!

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In my personal experience: No.

They told me that my ADN school did not qualify. I did the exact same thing as you.

ADN was not accredited by the NLN or the CCNE although it was regionally accredited, but my BSN that I just completed was CCNE accredited. However, because my ADN did not meet the requirement, they still rejected me as an applicant.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

What? That's crazy! I woulda assumed that your highest degree was what mattered!! Well you know what they say about assuming... Where did you end up finding work? What hospitals are "new" rn friendly

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

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I know I tried to argue but I think with so many applicants easier to narrow down that way.


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Yeah they prefer BSN's. The Long Beach VA hospital is having a new grad program in August and only hiring a handful. The advertisement flyer says "BSN only"

I went to school at Long Beach State and also am Veteran. I was able to get called back for an interview, but I declined it because I got another position already. If you get your BSN through Cal State Fullerton, I'm sure it will help your prospects. I don't understand why your previous ADN would be the primary reason they make their choice, there must be something else.

You should contact the Nurse recruiter at Long Beach VA.

The VA in San Diego wants BSNs only. So forget it if you have a ADN. They have some LVN's that went from LVN to ADNs that work there and they won't let them work as a RN d/t only having a ADN, sweet..... fair?

When I applied for a job thinking my veteran status would help, I was not hired. For some reason later I went to the facility, a small one, and saw people working there that gave no indication that they were veterans. This was my perception. Have also been influenced by the attitude toward me when applying for work. Downright negative and discriminatory in one situation. Seems to me that being a veteran does not help in the employment arena.

I just don't get it I thought the higher your degree and it's credentials that that's what would come into play... Not the fact that an rn has a bsn that's ccne but an adn that's regionally accred but not nln...


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There is law that deals with Veteran Preferernce, but I guess it doesn't really come to play in the VA. It's kinda convoluted but from what I understand you would have to reach a certain teir of candidates depending on your qualifications / their requirments (i.e. BSN only). From there you would get top consideration.

San Francisco VA was suppose to have a new grad program. I applied and didn't even get close to a call back for a interview, even though I had met their requirments. I filed a case against them that my VA preference rights where violated. After a month, the investigation was thrown out because the SF VA decided to cancel their program due to budget issues. After doing some research, this was a common way to get out of VA preference cases because "if there is no job then there is no merit to the case".

As for Veteran's preference; this can be used for government nursing jobs. Examples include county hospitals and especially prison nursing. Using my VA preference, I was placed really high on the candidate list of the prison jobs I applied to. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info... I had read another post that the rn was a veteran and the VA said because her adn wasn't nln she wasn't going to be considered... What do you think about calling the congressman in this case ?

Aimmm! I believe you are right that the higher degree will help, once you have your BSN, the accreditation of your other school shouldn't matter. I have a BSN, and I'm not getting hired either, veterans preferance or no. I am also a military spouse, which is why I'm in CA, but I got my degree in another state, and I don't know anyone here. It seems that new grads with the best chances for a job in CA - went to school and did clinicals in CA (networking) Going to Fullerton may be the perfect opportunity for you to do that. Also, the VA is not the only place to work out here :)

Thanks!! Yea I know the VA isn't the only place ( thank goodness right ;) ) I like the school I'm at and it is regionally accredited I guess I'm just wondering if hospitals in ca are sticklers for that nln accred. I'm in ny getting adn here then moving back to ca to work and finish bsn there so I'm really banking on the fact that an rn is an rn whether nln or regional accredited adn...

Sorry- I know you were probably asking about VA for work During your RN to BSN program, but Idk what to tell you about that except maybe try google maps hospitals near fullerton and apply directly to hospitals you see near enough to the campus. I believe the VA is slightly more strict about credentialing of employees because of their government funding.

If CA gives you the license, then you are an RN. The employer probably won't take the time to check your school accreditation, they will most likely trust that CA BRN already did that if they approved your license.

Great thx for the info!!!


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It may help calling the congressman, but also you have to read the job posting and see if what type of accreditation the position requires. What sucks is that the VA also can change the job posting to include that info to, so its really difficult to fight with the VA. Just a little dissapointing that Veterans aren't hired more often at the VA. Would make sense that a veteran is caring for a veteran right?

I agree with Jut that it's about networking. It's going to be really difficult for you to find a job as a out of state new grad ADN in the area. Those who did their clinicals locally and have ADNs are having a hard enought time as it is. I highly recommend going for a local government, state or federal job, because your veterans preference status stands out. Also do you have any service connected disabilities? You get an extra 5 points if you have a disability.