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? VA Nurse


I have been thinking about checking into the RN positions at the VA Hosptal in Huntington, West Virginia. Any boby work for them. What Positions are open. Will they be hiring for the new cath lab that is to be started. I am a experienced Nurse ICU, CCU, and telemetry, plus a retired from the USAF as a Captian. I was a medic and a Nurse. In the Air National Guard I was the Infection Control Nurse and BLS program Director. I have heard that my background in the service would be a benifit. I am more concerned about the Nurse to Pt ratio. Got any input on being a VA Nurse. I a have heard of cutbacks and wage frezzing. I another note I am a ADN that was why I got out. Thanks I would like so info.


Did you decide to be employed by the VA? How do you like it so far?

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