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VA interview


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I had a VA interview but was not asked any performance based questions. I handed in my resume and was asked to speak of myself and then ask questions. I am a new grad RN. Is this common or does it mean I didn't get the job? Anyone have this experience?

Hi 1gr8trnstudent, I also just recently interviewed for the VAs PBNR program but for mine they asked me performance based questions. I am not sure if that is good or bad through. However, I do have a second interview soon. Did you end up getting the position at the VA? What has your experience been like so far?


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Specializes in BLS, ACLS, CARDIAC, ER.

Hey Olivialulu1,

I am waiting to take and pass the NCLEX to be given a conditional position. I went through a recruiter so I was informed I would be a direct hire. Maybe that is why I did not have any questions asked. The manager did ask me if I was agency or through the recruiter. I will update after passing my NCLEX and speaking to my recruiter again

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