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Hello everyone.

I do scheduling for HH (among other responsibilities) and I'm trying to figure out how best to schedule visits with the "new" 6-7 week episode. If your initial 2 visits are 2 x a week, followed by 2 weekly visits and then a 2 biweekly visits, how would you schedule it?

Scenario 1:

Week 1 Visit 1

Week 1 Visit 2

Week 2 Visit 3

Week 3 Visit 4

Week 4 1st Bi-weekly Visit 5

Week 5 No Visit

Week 6 2nd Biweekly Visit 6

Week 7 No visit (so how do you do the Recert within the last 5 days of the episode?)

OR, Scenario 2:

Do you skip week 4 and do your first biweekly visit on week 5? And then skip week 6, and do your second biweekly visit on week 7? That would also be the recert visit.

The problem I've been having (apart from what I stated above where I can't get my recert in during the last 5 days as in scenario 1) is that sometimes we only get 6 weeks, and that messes everything up as well.

Any suggestions? What does your agency do?


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