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UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

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1 hour ago, jsnbsn said:

Dear Nursing2019BSN, BSN, RN: If you feel that you "cheated because I used UWorld and I’m not ready to be a nurse", then you are VERY far from the truth. The fact that you are concerned about your readiness to become a nurse, shows that you care about the quality care you would provide as a nurse. Therefore you have what is truly needed to become a great nurse -- compassion for others. Those who are concerned about their nursing skills, are the ones who constantly seek to improve those skills. I would much rather work with a "new" but caring nurse, than someone who thinks they "know it all". Those "know it alls" are the ones I watch most closely, because they do not seek help of others or sometimes don't even review or check their work to make sure there were not any possible errors in their performance. No human being is perfect.

:) thank you for that sweet post, but I didn't comment that! "napswithcats" did! when you quote someone's comment, it shows their response as well as the one you want to type

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