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UW DNP program

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I am thinking of applying to the DNP program at UW for fall 2018. I am also thinking of working at the same time as a full time nurse ( 3 12 hr shifts per week). I was wondering if anyone has similar experience ? My biggest question is- is it feasible to work at the same time while studying? I was told that it is a possibility at least for the first year since DNP classes are only held once a week on campus .

Thank you for the input!


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As you appear to be asking about a specific program, I'd be more specific. Since this is in a general, not state based forum, we can't tell what "W" your asking about. University of Washington? Wyoming? Wisconsin? The U of Wyoming program advises against trying to work full time, but the reality is that many students do through most of the program.

I would also advise against it, unless you do not have any family or social obligations. There is a lot to learn!