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UW accelerated BSN - anyone out there enrolled/completed the program?


Hi Everyone!

I am a Floridian willing to take the chance and move to Wyoming to attend UW (burrr). I am interested in their accelerated BSN program, but can hardly find any info (besides their website) about the program. Has anyone ever done this particular program? If so, what did you think about it? Basically I want to know your overall opinion... good or bad. I just need some help! I am seriously considering the school for the cost.



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It is a relatively new program - that is probably why you can't find much information on it. How much does it cost?

well it's $402/credit hour (compared to other schools i've looked at that are $550 and up!) and there are some class fees (i'm guessing lab fees, see below) plus books, uniforms, and housing. i spoke with someone at the school and she said that the traveling expenses for clinicals (transportation, room & board) are the responsibility of the student, but that students sometimes share a hotel room together.

[color=#0f243e]these courses have a $40 fee per credit:

[color=#0f243e]phcy4450, 4 credits

[color=#0f243e]phcy4470 4 credits

[color=#0f243e]n4785 2 credits


[color=#0f243e]these courses have a $40 fee per course

[color=#0f243e]n3750, n3730, n3770, n4740, n4735


[color=#0f243e]i think this is a relatively decent, but maybe not?