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Utilization Review Jobs (Advice Needed Please)

Ashrom15 Ashrom15 (New) New Nurse

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Hi everyone. I am new on here and just wanted to ask some advice. I was wondering how can I get my foot in the door for a utilization review nurse job? I graduated from my ADN program in 2016, worked 1 year in a nursing home/rehab and 1 year on a med-surg floor in a hospital. I just graduated from a BSN program as well. I had to take a year off so there is a gap in my employment. My son is autistic and I'm a single mother... I took the year off to focus on him and get him into a better school/therapies. I was told utilization review would be great for me because I could work from home. Everytime I apply for these positions I never get a call back. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.


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Some don't require experience. Amerigroup didn't but I didn't last. I could not keep up so quit. It was stressful. The gap might be an issue though.